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Definitions & FAQ

Definition of Property Status:

Coming Soon: The property has been assigned to Southern REO to market for sale. The seller has not established a list price as yet, but we anticipate a listing in the near future.

Listed: The property is available for offers.

Negotiating: The property is available however there are currently one or more offers pending seller review so time is of the essence. Submit your offer as soon as possible and you will be notified if the seller calls for highest and best. **note this status only applies for offers submitted via www.southernreo.com.

Pending Sale: This property is under contract.

How to find a listing:

Q. How current is the status of your listings?
A. The statuses of our listings are kept updated to the minute on our website. 

Q. Why doesn’t the property show up when I search for it?
A. Enter only the house number (ex. 1234) or street name (ex. Main) in the address field and click the “Search” button. Click the “Reset” button if you need to reload our inventory and start over.

Q. What happens if I can’t find the property?
A. A property not showing in our database has either closed or been removed from marketing by the seller. We do not know if or when the property will return to the market if it was removed by the seller.